ABRAHÃO, COJE (16th century), agent and diplomat in the service of the Portuguese viceroys in goa , India, from 1575 to 1594; Abrahão's full name and personal background are unknown. That he played a leading role in the affairs of Portuguese India is attested to by numerous letters preserved in the Portuguese historical archives in Goa. These letters praise him for his trustworthiness and reliability, and the continual reference to him as "Coje Abrahão Judeo" shows his Jewish identity. Abrahão was entrusted with important diplomatic missions to the rulers of the kingdom of Bijapur, and accompanied the ambassador of Shah Yusuf Ali Adil of Bijapur on a diplomatic mission to Portugal in 1575. As a reward for his services, King Sebastian of Portugal granted Abrahão a pension in 1576. In 1582, on behalf of Portugal, he was attestor to a peace treaty with the shah. -BIBLIOGRAPHY: Fischel, in: JQR, 47 (1956/57), 37 ff.; P. Pissurlencar (ed.), Agentes da diplomacia portuguêsa na lndia (1952), 551–6. (Walter Joseph Fischel)

Encyclopedia Judaica. 1971.

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